We bring your biggest and momentous dream to the smallest of screens in a compatible, user friendly mode making people carry your vision with them in any platform that you wish for. Every aspect of the application is developed as how and what you desire to have, highly customizable and humbly created just for your target customers.

We are always transparent with our service to deliver what you want and how you envisioned it to be. From the backend process of wiring to the UI design, we box it all in one making it user friendly, compatible, highly defined application to frontend to your customers.

We feature the application in

  • Design: Building a look and fancying  the application for easy use and comfort of your customers.
  • Handling: How it works and how good it work?, is the quality which we focus on and that being an essential factor of our service we develop it accordingly bringing out the best potential.
  • Application and payment service: We include the necessary fields making it a processed application.
  • Network integration: Connecting you to the spiral world with all access to the internet in terms of WAN and LAN.
  • Security: We care about your safety and the safety of the people who use the application thus proving a secured application.

We develop application using various software -Java (Micro Edition), Objective C (iOS), Java (Android) and all that you need.

Web application testing – Manual

  • Usability (standards, users, design)
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Data accuracy and consistency
  • Security
  • Load & Performance
  • Automation

Mobile Apps Testing

We have been all through the market transitions. Be it from

  • Symbian OS to Apple iOS / WP 7 / Android
  • Keypads to touch screens
  • Media player apps to Tap Tap Ants app

 “Our work was executed perfectly. The best part with Trikut is their testing report. Report was detailed and clear.”

Mobile Application 

We create value-added custom mobile application on various systems as per customer specific needs such as

  • Photo and Image handling
  • Sketch ability (Ex: Signature and Drawing in Photos)
  • Bluetooth handling , Camera Handling, Graphics Design
  • Map handling – Web Services for Data transfer, GPS
  • Phone Handling, Audio and Video handling
  • PayPal In-App payment
  • Data Encryption / Decryption (Generate Barcode, Scanning Barcode , QR code )
  • Social network integration
  • Tailor-made applications based on your requirements