Image Editing Company in India

Providing Life to your photos – Lucrative picture editing and correction service to craft picture-perfect images

Bespoke Image Editing Services

Trikut Info Service offers incomparable picture Editing Services with a decade of experience in the art of optimizing images at your budget at the best potential. We satisfy the desire and requirements of private individuals, real estate businesses, e-commerce sellers, photographers, etc., through our unmatched quality and affordable cost structure.

Our image editing and correction in India is best suitable for diverse industries, including photographers, agencies, jewelry, sportswear, fashion designers, luxury brands, cosmetics, automobiles, and more.

We offer different Image editing services, including

Background Removal

Trikut Info Service background removal and clipping path services are best suited for photo studios, editorials, ecommerce retailers, and publishers who require instant gain.

Fashion Retouching

Fashion photo retouching picture editing services include retouching picturess on On-figure clothing and high-end models. When it comes to skin and beauty image retouching, editing requires advanced skills.

Multiple Masking

The picture editing services of this type are crafted on images for colorways and re-coloring. This photo editing service is best suited for online retailers who use multiple colors on different products like furniture, shoes, bags, and clothing.

Jewelry Retouching

Trikut Info Service Jewelry retouching photo editing service in India is done on high-end photos to craft attractive and lucrative jewelry pics by fixing photography blemishes, propping diamonds, and adjusting gold color.

Color Correction

Fashion retouching and retail product, including adjusting picture contrast, fix colors, bringing products to the perfect dimension from the problems caused by camera settings and light source.

360 degrees Product Spin

With the help of jQuery and a small command, Trikut Info Service photo editors and correctors develop online functionality to rotate the images of client products. Buyers who get products from ecommerce websites can spin the accessories and product images to check the product in a 360 view.

Image Editing Company in India

Product Retouching

Our photo editors clean photo, fit them into perfect shape, and use suitable color corrections to provide an authentic feel and look for the client’s products and service images.

Ghost Mannequins

The photo editing and correction in India create the best-quality ghost mannequin effect for every challenging and complex clothing shot on different dummies, including shirts, hoodies, gowns, fur jackets, and dresses sheer straps or material.

Image correction services in India

Trikut Info Service image correction service helps in providing a professional look and consistent style to the images. At some times, the advanced technologies and cameras fail to capture the perfect shots. Our image correctors and designers are experienced in providing professional correction to make anatural impact on the pictures.

Trikut Info Service image correction offers different image correction services by well-experienced image correctors. Our professionals are highly skilled in correcting different images, including portraits, product images, real estate images, and more. Some of the critical image correction services offered by us include.

Image Editing Company in India

Color Correction

Are your images looking lackluster, jaded or faded because of the issues like improper lighting? We have our image editors who correct those color corrections and then look appealing and professional.

Brightness and Contrast Correction

Do you think your photo contrast and brightness are not as you expected? It may be due to the improper equipment used or because of the low lighting at the shoot. Our image editors perfectly enhance the picture brightness and contrast with our picture correction services by using advanced technologies and tools.

Image Editing Company in India
image editing company in india

Sharpness Correction

Some photos may lose sharpness due to wind movement, improper equipment, and many other reasons. Our image editors are capable of correcting the sharpness and provide a perfect look to your images.

Wrinkles and Spots Correction

Uneven skin tones, acne, spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin issues can ruin your complete image. At Trikut Info Service, we correct all your skin issues with advanced tools and make your skin look flawless and clear in the picture. You will cherish your memories forever with our alluring image correction services.

Image Editing Company in India
Image Editing Company in India

Background Replacement

Some image backgrounds can make your photos dull. At Trikut Info Service, our image correctors choose the best background that suits your image and make it a perfect picture.

Color Cast Removal

In some cases, few colors dominate and provide an unnatural and unrealistic look to your photographs. Our photo editors help to remove the color cast and provide a natural and professional look to the picture.

Image Editing Company in India
Image Editing Company in India

Image Density correction

Incorrect exposure, improper white balance, and other factors may provide different impacts on the photographs. We provide image density correction services to provide a realistic and natural look to the picture

Old Picture Restoration

Do you have any old images that are discolored with time or torn? We help them to restore to their original condition.

Apart from the above services, we also offer other photo correction services, including improper exposure correction, color balance, tone & hue, enlarging and cropping, red-eye editing, jagged edges correction, saturation correction, white balance correction, and more.

Image Editing Company in India

Image Editing Company in India

Why choose Trikut Info Service for image editing and correction in India?

Trikut Info Service has been in the image editing and correction services for long years. We have good experience in handling any picture editing and corrections for different industries and businesses. All our team members are trained to work on fundamental to advanced image editing technologies and tools to deliver results at the right time frame.

Highly skilled team

We hold talented and experienced editors and correctors who can handle challenging picture corrections and editing.

Cutting-edge tools & technologies

At Trikut Info Service, we use the latest and advanced photo editing technologies and tools to deliver 100% expected results

Serving various industries

Our editing team members are trained to work on any domain & industry and provide lucrative results.


We are an ISO-certified image editing and correction provider and therefore ensure the confidentiality and security of the data.

24X7 support

We have experienced and skilled professionals available around the clock to help you with image editing and correction challenges.

Affordable service

We come with a budget-friendly and attractive cost structure. Whatever number of images you need corrections or editing, we have editors and correctors who never fail to provide all images of the same quality

Are you ready to use our Image editing and correction in India services based on your business requirements to showcase uniqueness among your competitors?

Image Editing Company in India